Polyester is a hard-wearing fabric which takes colours well. Soft to the touch, anti-allergenic and easily cleaned (although susceptible to oil-based stains) polyester is a good choice for cheaper, fashionable rugs. However, although hard wearing in terms of breakage, it has a low resistance to flattening and can look 'tired' much quicker than other higher priced fabrics. Polyester is also quick to dry, resilient, requires minimum care and is easily washable. 

Polyester is a polymer, which is produced from the coal, air, water, and petroleum products. It is next to cotton in worldwide use as a fabric due to its low cost. 

Polyester fabric blends well with fabrics meaning it is often used alongside other fabrics in rugs. It blends with wool and viscose to improve their durability and even to make them more easily washable, if the percentage of polyester is high.


Characteristics of Polyester Rugs

  • Are resistant to mildew.

  • Have good abrasion resistance.

  • They are resistant to most chemicals.

  • Not easily damaged by sunlight or weather.

  • Dry quickly.

  • It is easily washed.

  • Do not absorb moisture making them damp resistant.