Polypropylene, also referred to as heatset and ocassionally frise is a hard-wearing fabric which takes colours well. With a similar touch to wool the fabric is stain resistant, easily washable and abrasive resistant. It is a very common and popular fabric in machine-made rugs due to its wool-like qualities, strength and of production. 

Polypropylene is a great value material offering many benefits, its main drawback is that it does not have the same bounce-back abilities as wool, similar to acrylic unless treated (although these days most rugs and carpets are) it can have issues with sun-fade, flame resistance and static. Polypropylene rugs have a very similar look to wool, although some can be more waxy to the touch.


Characteristics of Polypropylene Rugs

  • Stain resistant.

  • Easily cleaned - some bleach cleanable.

  • Resistant to mildew.

  • Have good abrasion resistance.

  • Prone flattening quicker than other fabrics.

  • Not easily damaged by sunlight or weather.

  • Do not absorb moisture making them damp resistant.